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“They are hands on, accessible and in my opinion, the best in the business. I couldn't imagine doing business with anyone else. As I like to say, Rainmaker really knows how to make it rain.” —Jeff Schleuning

“The team at Rainmaker always quickly responds to any questions or issues I had with my website. They were able to dramatically improve my position on internet search engines. Improving business dramatically!” —Mike Ouellette

“We do a wide variety of marketing and advertising, and i believe our website design, adwords campaign and the overall support system provided by Rainmaker Internet Marketing is one of the best investments we have made in our 23 years in business.” —Rob Van Suilichem

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Our team has a combined 30+ years of experience in the home improvement industry. We know what it’s like to juggle office and production staff, run leads at 6pm after a long day training sales reps, all while trying to keep cost per lead down and the ship afloat. Most of our staff are handy with a 90lb jackhammer. But most importantly, we know how to leverage the power of the internet to generate and qualify high quality home improvement leads.

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